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Using the Media Library
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You can add images to your notices with the media library. The easiest way to get started is to first add a notice.

  1. In the notice editor, above the formatting toolbar, click the Add Media button.

3.  To add a new media item to your library, click the Upload Files tab then click the Select Files button. You can also drag files in from your desktop folders to upload them quickly. Note: You can also choose the media folder to upload the image/file to.

4.  From here, upload a new image. Once your image has been uploaded, you’ll see it has been added to the library and is selected for you.

5.  If your image is already in the library, simply select it.

6.  In the right-hand Attachment Details pane, scroll to the bottom to select the size.

7.  If you want a large version of the image to appear when someone taps it, in the Link To drop-down, select Media File.

8.  Click the Insert into notice button at the bottom right-hand side of the window.

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