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Adding venues to your events
Adding venues to your events

Add venues to your events to show a map on your event notices

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There are 2 ways to add venues to the app. Using the Venue Manager and adding venues at the time you create an event.

To use the venue manager and have your events populated into a quick dropdown list.

  1. Mouse-over the events tab in the left-hand navigation menu and click Venues.

  2. Click Add New Venue.

  3. Give your venue a name.

  4. Fill in the location details.

  5. In the Save widget to the right click Add New Venue.

To add venues on-the-go when creating a new event

  1. Add a new event.

  2. In the event details box, click the + button in the Venue field to add a new venue.

  3. Add the venue details so that the map pin finds the location.

  4. Publish your event. The venue is now available for future use from the dropdown list.

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