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How to send a message using the messenger

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*Not Included in LITE

The messenger will allow you to send messages to individual app users, or groups of app users. These messages will only be viewable by the recipients, yourself, and other admins (unless you've opted for the message to be private).

You can find the messenger on the left side panel of the dashboard.

Once on the messenger page, you can send a new message by clicking the 'New Message' button.

Next, you will be greeted with a couple of fields.
You will need to pick one of the first two fields, that is to either send a message to individual accounts or send a message to a group of accounts that fall under an account group.

You may also see a checkbox labelled 'Private'. Checking this will ensure that your message is not visible to any other admins. This setting may not be visible depending on the messenger settings set up for your dashboard.

Finally, you will see the message field where you can type your message. Once all this is done, simply click the 'Send' button.

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