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Setting up your App Folders
Setting up your App Folders

Set up your app folders before you begin posting

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You can create unlimited custom App Folders to post a Notice or Event to. This App Folders list is the same across both types of content.

Using custom folders is a great way to target relevant information to specific groups of parents. We'll use notices as an example in this tutorial, but the same method can be applied to Events.

When your app was first set up, you were given basic folders to post to.

  • Events

  • Forms

  • Important Updates (Named Alerts prior to January 2018)

  • News

  • Newsletters

Creating Folders

  1. Mouse-over 'Notices' on the left side menu, and select App folders.

  2. In the Name field, type the name of your new folder.

  3. If you want to house this folder inside another, you can select a parent folder using the Parent dropdown. If this is a top-level folder, skip this section.

  4. Click Add New Folder button.

  5. That's it! It's that easy.

Please note: After creating the folders, you will want to populate the app with a notice, as only folders with content published to them will appear in the app.

A good place to start is to post a notice to each folder you want to be displayed. It can be a short brief description of each folder, this, in turn, will help you understand how the app works. Practice makes perfect.

Posting a few of your most recent newsletters or updates for the coming week/s and adding events, these can be anything from P&C meetings to sports matches and anything in between.

By adding a few pages of content to each of these areas, you will soon be a pro at using the app.

You can also set up Folders whilst posting content

If you have forgotten to add a folder before you start creating content, you can create a new one before you publish.

  1. Before you publish content, find the App Folder widget on the right-hand side

  2. Click the Add New Folder link

  3. Type the name of the new folder you wish to create into the field & choose the parent folder if you wish.

  4. Click the Add New Folder button to confirm.

Your new folder will be automatically selected for the current post and will be saved to the list for future use

Special Folder

If you name a folder in any of these, you will see a special icon, some of the groups even have customised displays. (Beware of your spelling)

  • News

  • Contact(or Contact Us)

  • About (or About Us)

  • Sport or (Sports)

  • Canteen

  • Bus (or Buses or School Buses)

  • Lost and Found (or Lost & Found)

  • Kinder (or Kindergarten)

  • Prep

  • Grade 1

  • Grade 2

  • Grade 3

  • Grade 4

  • Grade 5

  • Grade 6

  • Year 7

  • Year 8

  • Year 9

  • Year 10

  • Year 11

  • Year 12

  • Year 13

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