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Access Models

You can change and update how parents access your app profile

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You are able to control who has access to your app. This is achieved using our Access Models, of which there are three.

By default, the access model of your app will be set to 'Private'.
To change your access model, please reach out to our support team via Live Chat.


Everyone, including people without an account, can access this profile. You can still view people who have created an account, and have the ability to send messages directly to them (see Messaging).

Account Required

Only people with an account can access this profile. If a person does not have an account, they will see a message informing them of the requirement to create an account.

As soon as they have created an account, they will have access to the content in your profile.


People must have an account and be approved by an administrator to access this profile. Approval can be done manually by any administrator, or a list of pre-approved accounts can be imported.

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